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Squareframe App


Instagram based eCommerce app.

Squareframe only uses superior materials in their frames. All have solid pine wood frames in varying finishes. The clear acrylic window is made from premium, non-acetate, BPH-free acrylic which will not deteriorate your photos and offers superior protection while looking great.

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Stats Tracker App

Stats Tracker

Are you an Aussie Rules Football Coach that keeps team stats on a piece of paper or writes them on a whiteboard to show the players at the breaks? Throw away the paper and whiteboard, grab the iPad and download this app.

The Modern Game: Stats Tracker is a simple to use app that counts, tracks and saves your team stats and notes throughout a game for you to share with your players at the breaks and keep as history for future reference during the season.

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Umpire Tracker App

Umpire Tracker

This umpire coaching app has been specifically designed with the input of experienced umpires, and you will now be able to capture all your observations and feedback while seeing much more of the game.

The Modern Game: Umpire Tracker App allows you to observe up to 3 field umpires in the one game. Built for iPad's, you can observe each umpire by decision, free kick paid, in which zone of the ground, which team it was paid for/against along with enter comments specific to the observation. All this information is saved in history and detailed reports can be shared with each umpire following the game.

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TBO Challenge Trivia App App

TBO Challenge Trivia App

Reusable trivia app for client exhibits to display a lively animated experience as well as reviewing key event topics. The user is presented with a familiar interface of a question followed my multiple choice answers. Once an answer is selected, the user will see the correct answer animated in green colors. If the user selected an incorrect answer, that answer is colored red.

User responses are tracked as analytics to be able to determined which questions were answered, skipped, correct, incorrect, etc. Review of this information can anonymously report which topics were clear, understood or many require additional training and/or information to educate user on topic.

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The Ventilator App App

The Ventilator App

Lung-protective ventilation is the only thing proven to save lives in patients with acute lung injury/ARDS. This app will help you quickly set the appropriate tidal volume for patients with acute respiratory failure. There's also a calculator that uses the patient's existing PEEP, FiO2, and PaO2 to advise you about what changes to make.

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Veggoagogo App


Veggoagogo is a fun and easy way to communicate your vegetarian dietary requirements to anyone you meet on your overseas travels. Our well-researched selection of statements and questions have been professionally translated into 50 languages allowing vegetarians to locate suitable restaurants or order food with confidence anywhere in the world.

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Veganagogo App


Veganagogo is a fun and easy way to communicate your vegetarian dietary requirements almost anywhere in the world. Our simple yet precise selection of statements and questions have been professionally translated into 50 languages allowing vegetarians to locate suitable restaurants and order food with confidence wherever their travels may take them.

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Tire Facts App

Tire Facts

Information that impacts your health, safety, and financial interests should be easily accessible. As seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC news, this app helps you avoid buying, selling, or driving on dangerous tires. Enter the DOT code from any tire to get a free Tire Facts Report.

Your Tire Facts Reports includes:

  • Safety alert if the tire is recalled or expired
  • Age of the tire based on the date that matters: when it was made, not sold
  • Country of origin, including the city of manufacture
  • The name of the company that actually made the tire

Tire Safety Group is not affiliated with any tire manufacturer or seller and created this app as a free public service. Recalled and expired tires cause hundreds of deaths each year. Tire manufacturers recover less than 20% of recalled tires in most recall campaigns. Even if a tire is not recalled, it can be dangerous if it is more than six years old from the date of manufacture.

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